We usually ship on TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS, but also the other days depending on weather conditions.

We pack plants with great care, roots wrapped with Sphagnum moss and paper towel.

We provide a Plant Passport label(s) to each order.

Shipping time depends on temperatures:
Below 0°C: NO SHIPPING !
Between 0°C and 10°C: Highland Nepenthes with PS box/Heat pack.
Between 10°C and 15°C: Highland Nepenthes, other Nepenthes with PS box/Heat pack.
Over 15°C: All plants can be shipped !

You can combine a PS box and a Heat pack, we will insert the latter between the PS box and the carton.

Make sure your delivery address is correct !
If the parcel is returned to us, we will ask you to organize and pay for the second delivery !